Our internship programme is celebrating its 10th Anniversary!

The Library’s conservation internship programme started in 2005 and is generously funded by the Library’s Contributing Members and the Heritage Council. The programme has proved to be invaluable for both the Library and participating interns as Jessica Baldwin, Head of Collections and Conservation told us:

‘For the students it has offered a unique opportunity to develop practical skills while continuing their technical training as time is provided to explore new ideas and research. For recent graduates it also provides first-hand experience of working within a busy museum environment, which is essential to their career development.

Conversely working with the interns has also provided a great opportunity for the Library’s conservators to continue their professional development. The supervision and training of recent graduates has offered the impetus for extensive discussion on treatment approaches; this has resulted in the development or refinement of conservation practices within the Library. From a practical point of view the interns have had a very significant impact on not only the individual objects that they treat, but also the Collections as a whole, through their involvement in every aspect of work carried out in the busy Conservation Department.

On a personal level it has been an absolute pleasure to meet and work with so many talented, bright conservators and to be able to follow their careers as they go from strength to strength – not to mention making so many wonderful friends.’

Conservation Team CBL 2012 resize

The Library is delighted to be able to celebrate the tenth anniversary by inviting intern applications for 2015. If you are interested in joining the CBL conservation team then further information and details on how to apply are available to download here.

To mark the occasion, we have also invited our previous interns to introduce themselves and give an update on what they’ve been up to since leaving the Chester Beatty. Click here to read more.


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